Vesper Wine is a family-owned wine establishment in Houston, Texas. Since 2020, this is where Vesper's boutique wines & specialty beverages have been shared by the Shirley family.

  • Trailblazers

    Daring to build a new and innovative wine business during the height of the Covid pandemic.

  • Excellence

    Offering high-quality boutique wines, by Vesper and other small producers, not found on retail store shelves.

  • Legacy

    Being among the first Black-owned wineries to produce a Bourbon Barrel Red Blend wine.


Our name is derived from the wine-infused martini first featured in the James Bond film, Casino Royale. Just like the cocktail, Vesper Wine adds a new spin to the classic drinking experience that you can enjoy in our private wine space or in the comfort of your home.


Vesper Wine aims to build human connections through the enjoyment of fine wines & beverages. We accomplish this mission by providing a unique, intimate space where members of our private club may come together and enjoy a wine portfolio curated by our owner and WSET II certified professional, James Oliver.