Discover the Ultimate Refreshment: An Alcohol-Free IPA

Discover the Ultimate Refreshment: An Alcohol-Free IPA

Introducing our Best Alcohol-Free IPA

Looking for a refreshing drink that's packed with flavor but won't knock you off your feet? Look no further than the Wayfarer Non-Alcoholic IPA from Atmos Brewing Co. This Idaho mountain brewed IPA is bursting with hoppy goodness and a slightly malty flavor that will satisfy your cravings without the buzz.

Wayfarer Non-Alcoholic IPA

Just one crack of the can and you'll be hit with the delightful aroma of hops. The Wayfarer Non-Alcoholic IPA is brewed with a blend of Idaho Malted 2-Row Barley, Dextrapils, Flaked Oats, Caramel Munich Malt, Honey Malt, and Vienna Malt. The hops used include CTZ, Nugget, Cascade, Centennial, and Idaho 7. This tasty IPA also features a Simcoe dry hop and a Distilled Centennial Fresh Hops dry hop for added flavor.

What Makes the Wayfarer Non-Alcoholic IPA So Special?

The Wayfarer Non-Alcoholic IPA is the ultimate refreshment for those who want to enjoy the taste of an IPA without the alcohol content. With an ABV of less than 0.5%, you can enjoy the flavor of this IPA without worrying about getting buzzed. Not only is this IPA delicious, it is also low in calories, with only 69 per serving, and contains only 13g of carbs. This makes it the perfect choice for those who are watching their weight or trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Where Can You Get the Wayfarer Non-Alcoholic IPA?

You can purchase the Wayfarer Non-Alcoholic IPA from Vesper Wine & Beverages by visiting this page. Order today and discover the ultimate refreshment!

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